Abandoned dogs that are thrown away after being adopted by momentary impulse are increasing. First, to prevent abandonment stemming from ignorance, we provide and educate people about adoption. Second, training and education are conducted with facilities to protect abandoned dogs. Third, in order to improve the negative perception of shelters and abandoned dogs, which are the cause of the poor adoption rate, provide an environment in which they can interact with abandoned dogs and increase accessibility. Safe in the Shade presents the guidelines of the Korea Dog Shelter.

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> Plan

> Design detail 

> Perspective View

Due to the nature of the site connected to the tree orphanage, a low mass was formed to harmonize with nature, and a soft curve was used for the roof. Visitors from Namu Orphanage and the bike path can get a glimpse of the Han River and kennel through the observation deck. Various types of modules connected vertically to the roof raise questions about the space below.

Playground & Deck

As you descend the slope, you will face a playground where you can interact with your dog and a deck where you can relax. On the left side of the playground, the shade square and the adoption center are visually open to induce natural visits, and on the right side, the appearance of the adopted dog through the circular module of the protection center was shown to induce people's curiosity.


The outer space of the kennel is divided into a training space, a walking space, and an exchange space through modules. kennel is classified into small and medium-sized kennel, large kennel, and common kennel, depending on the size and breeding pattern of abandoned dogs. The kennel was designed in consideration of lighting and ventilation, and an exchange space was also provided inside to promote exchange with adoptees.

Shade Square & Adoption Center

Shade Square is a space with the characteristics of embracing nature through modules and the outside through mirror walls. The module of the adoption center reception divides the space from the shade square and at the same time induces visitors to visit the adoption center through a visual connection.